The Wisdom of Solomon

The empty-hearted are quick to criticize;
a heart filled with understanding values silence. (11:12)

Truth is forever;
falsehood lasts but a moment. (12:19)

Pretending to knowledge reveals your lack of it;
admitting ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. (13:7)

A closed mind causes strife;
an open mind cultivates wisdom. (13:10)

True wisdom is self-understanding;
fools deceive only themselves. (14:8)

A serious mind seeks understanding,
but a fool is satisfied with folly. (15:14)

The way to wisdom is through wonder;
the way to honor is through humility. (15:33)

Intuition is a source of knowledge,
but do not forsake reason in your quest for truth. (18:15)

Attending to reality returns your feet to the path
and your mind to the present moment. (19:27)

Understanding is a deep river running through
the heart;
learn to draw from it, and you will grow wise. (20:5)

Most people claim to be kind,
but the truth is known through the deeds. (20:6)

A discerning mind recognizes what is false
by simply observing the situation. (20:8)

The ear is for listening, not just hearing;
the eye for seeing, not just looking. (20:12)

The soul is a lamp that illuminates
the dark corners of mind and heart. (20:27)

The mind controls the body;
place your trust in wisdom, not strength. (21:22)

From Proverbs: The Wisdom of Solomon, translated by Rami Shapiro. Copyright © 2001 by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro. All rights reserved. Reprinted by arrangement with Bell Tower, a division of the Crown Publishing Group, New York. www.randomhouse.com

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