That Which Is

by Dr. Alfred Aiken

Dr. Alfred AikenGod has no reflection of himself. There is no one or thing to do the reflecting. The One Self is the Self of All, all Self. A reflection would not be the original, but rather an “image,” a “likeness,” hence a counterfeit which is worthless, valueless, a fraud. The Perfect One includes nothing fraudulent.

Moses caught a slight sense of all-inclusive Perfection, heaven at hand; when in Light he perceived that, “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” (Ex.3:5). In Perfection, Omnipresence, there is no separation, no division, no need for atonement or a return to the Infinite One, for God is not variable, not changing, but is the same sinless One forever present. The Infinite Individual, the All-knowing Mind, your present and only Identity is the Authority, the Power, the Presence that is conscious truth; conscious functioning Power being fully Itself.

 Stop assuming Identity to be cooped up in the form, body. Stop assuming your Self to be what It never can be. You are not a human, an animal, a mortal, a personality or a sinner. You are never separate from Existence, the Life that is your Self. Stop assuming biology, ignorance, superstition, duality or sin to be your cause or beginning—the origin of your Life, Being, Substance, Intelligence, Consciousness. Identity—or that you must “emerge,” or “evolve” from an imperfect or lesser state of Existence into the perfect Self. You are none other than the one you are—the Infinite Intelligence, the Sole One-Infinite-Individual who is all of all NOW. Act from this true and only Intelligent viewpoint. Rejoice in who and what you are by rejoicing in what Mind knows Itself to be. Conscious Intelligence alone does all seeing, all knowing, and does it without cessation, interruption, interference.

 – – – – – – –

 Things are ideas, forms which mind conceives, manifests. These forms appear instantly, as Mind knows them. To Mind, the action, the manifestation, is instant, one and the same. It requires no process or evolution. Being one, whole, Mind must actively be aware, inclusive of its ideas, or It would be static, and without forms, void. (See Gen. I: 2)

That which is manifest, this world we behold visibly, enjoy, is Real. Do not go about denying hotly, tree, ocean, stars, earth. Do not declare ideas, things, to be material, temporal. Nothing is but God, The Invisible One is visibly manifest in an infinitude of forms, but all Spirit only.

If something seems wrong with your world, with body, turn from it and its seeming condition. Look wholly to God—rejoice in what Infinite Mind is knowing Itself to be. God’s condition—the condition of The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniacting One is the only state, the sole condition of every idea, thing, inclusive of body. No Fault exists in Substance. Light; no wrong, no constricting Action or lack of Action. No dis-ease exists in all-inclusive Intelligence; Spirit cannot conceive, express, form or pattern Its reverse, nor can be perverted to know or experience the Forever impossible.

Mind’s conceptions, ideas, are perceptible, are visible things to Mind. The letter “a” would be useless if left unidentified without form, in Mind. Infinite Intelligence is forever its Conceiver, its Possessor, its Perceiver, its User. Regardless of national boundaries or language, how used, when or where, on earth or some distant planet, it is still Intelligence only who has it, identifies it, or to whom it is of “use.” It never fails to be present, abundantly available to Conscious Intelligence. Nothing can go wrong with it, destroy it. It is not material, finite, the product of evolution or revolution. The language in which it appears, spoken or written, does not change, alter or destroy for it is in Mind only.

– – – – – – –

Let us stop laboring to make unreality Real, or lift a fable into the realm of Fact. It cannot be done. Whatever is wrong, troublesome, lacking, no matter in what field of human classification it falls, cannot be found anywhere in God—Mind cannot find trouble anywhere in Infinite Intelligence. If not in God, Existence, why be agitated? Can evil he found outside of Infinity? How all-inclusive is Infinity? Is there an “outside”? Is there more than All? Does our Infinite Self-Identity possess less? No! This is the Truth. Rejoice in It forever more.

– – – – – – –

 God being the sole Self of you, there is no personal self; Truth is not something one can apply to anything, anywhere. Truth is not a medicine for the ills of the world or the flesh, yet it may appear so when all sense of suffering vanishes, never to come into mind or be remembered any more. (See Isa. 65:17)

The Divine Ultimate is already present, aware of Himself in all His Beauty and Action. There is no other who has to work to attain God or maintain Him. God already has done all for God that can be done—all that needs to be done to make Him all—to sustain I-Am forever in His Eternally Present Perfect State of Totality.

– – – – – – –

Love being Pure Wisdom, includes nothing, mortal, human, mine or personal. Love cannot know what Being is not. Purity has nothing to deny, reverse, heal, cast out, lift up, cleanse, emerge from, or evolve to; nothing to atone for; no sacrifice to make; no need for propitiation, redemption, or recovery. Love knows only Its Pure, Unalterable Being, being forever unaltered.

Pure Love cannot have a dual vision; cannot look down upon a world of sin, disease, and disaster; cannot include imperfection, know or feel pity for it. Absolute Love, being absolutely Its own pure Self only, cannot look out upon another; cannot see anything save Its own pure Being, for there can be nothing beside Infinite Love.

– – – – – – –

If you are not aware of Love, your Self-Identity, you are like the one who sits in darkness merely because he refuses to open his eyes and enjoy the brilliant Light all about him. Your personality does not need to turn the bight on, nor can it. In Truth there is no personality, no personal you or me. There is but the one I, the Divine I that I am—there is no other I than this One. I am not double, dual; not Real and unreal, Divine and material, Actual and a sinner, Alive and mortal, Intelligent and double-minded!

The Light of Love is shining, in all Its glory all about you, encompassing your universe. Open your eyes and see! You do not need to construct, make It, wait or beg for It. It is yours, tree, now. Use It!

– – – – – – –

God is His own Presence, His own Intelligence, Life, Being. Mind is Its own Supply of Truth. God-I, I-God, I-Am-Being is the only I there is: all of I there is; The I of all there is throughout Infinity.

Where can Being be that I am not? Wherever Being is, there I am, and vice versa, even though “I make my bed in hell.” Though “I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,” behold I Am there. (See Ps. 139:8-9) Truly, where can The Infinite I Am go that I Am not? Can I escape the I that I am—escape from my Infinite Mind?

– – – – – – –

To escape any human destiny, difficulty, disaster and death turn to the Allness of the Mind-I-Am, your sole I-am-Mind, Identity, the All of all. Here in Reality there nothing mortal existing, even though all the universities, churches, national assemblies and every person on the face of this globe swears to the contrary.

I Am is the Uncontending, Uncontested, Unchallenged. There is only Spirit. When then is there a doubt? Who has it? Who can question the works of God’s hands? Intelligence is absolutely certain of Truth. There is no blind I Am. Within Infinity there is but Conscious Awareness, Positive Perception. The Know-How and the Power to form all things of Myself, in myself, for Myself.

As pointed out so often, “thinking” is not Knowing. Taking-thought is not Action. Intellectual reasoning or wrestling is not Intelligence. Assumption is not Truth. Belief is not Absolute Certainty. Finity is not All-Existing Infinity, Reality. Mortality is not Everlasting Life. What is not, is not what is. Personality is not the Self I am.

Why battle Over what God is not? Why concern yourself with what Omnipotence cannot be? Why work yourself into an ecstasy, or a state of fanaticism over cult, doctrine, ritual or ceremony in-the-name-of-God only, when God knows nothing of such service? Words or deeds from such an approach arc useless and imply that God is aware of the evil but does nothing to wipe it out, or, even more strange, implies that God uses evil as a means to make weak humanity grow strong—allowing them to be tempted, punishing them for yielding, dangling promises of good before there while making it almost impossible to comply with His purported demands! What manner of God do you worship? Is He this atrocious concept? If God is Omnipotent why does He not expunge evil? Does He derive pleasure by seeing the human race writhing about in agony, groping in darkness, paralyzed with fear, distorted with pain, warped and degenerate? No!

God is All. God leaves no place or presence to evil. He leaves no history of humanity, no record of Satan’s earthly fling. Spirit leaves no time: no past, no future wherein a devil can plague its victim, nor wherein God has to fight another to regain what He has never lost!

– – – – – – –

Spirit is the entirety of Itself. No portion of Spirit can be missing. Spirit is One Whole Indivisible Entirety. Finite sense would have you believe in separate Adam-Eve individuals with destinies and responsibilities of their Own; separate minds, lives, bodies and souls cooped up in a physical, material, changing, dying world of time.

Spirit is the Substance of all, inclusive of the universe. The only Identity that Infinite Love can consciously be aware of is Its Own, present here as The Infinite Individual One, This I-that-I-Am. As pointed out, while there is but One Infinite Individual Consciousness there is an infinitude of ideas (bodies, things), each being specifically conceived by Mind, eternal in Mind. A single one is inadequate, insufficient, Mind being Infinity.

– – – – – – –

Remember, there is no human you; none to begin with, to correct, to elevate, to heal; no shining or suffering you; no mortal or man-you. Your Whole Being right here is God only. The “mist”-identification has not altered God nor your Identity. In Truth there never was a “mist that went up from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” (Gen. 2:6) It never happened. There never was a double-minded, racial or Pilot Lord God; a human or divine creation. God never fell into, nor for sin; never had a bad angel; never had to devise methods of redeeming or regaining His status of being The One-Alone All.

God has never had offspring, nor did Adam. There are no children anywhere needing succor, help, a lifting-out-of-the pit. God has always been the Perfect One without another. God has always been Almighty, the Absolute. God will forever be Whole, Entire, Infinite. His is the Soul-Infinite-Individual. He is the sole Mind including the infinitude of variation of beauty, Intelligence, Substance, Reality. Outside of God there is nothing. Within God there is God only in all His Perfection, activity of form, conscious Individual Awareness. There is no idea, no thing in Mind, but God is making full use of it. Mind forms no useless ideas. The Action is Mind, however, and does not stem from the idea, the thing.

– – – – – – –

Dr. Alfred Lewis Aiken (1897 – 1968) was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. He was both a dentist and medical doctor. He became a professor of Massotherapy and Naturopathy in the School of Rational Therapy in New York. He eventually completed his studies in drugless methods, and became a licensed dental surgeon in Connecticut. He practiced general drugless healing for a time instead of dentistry.

After World War I, Dr. Aiken he became a metaphysician. He eventually left his practice and went to California to write plays and poetry. During World War II he was inducted into the Army where he examined thousands of potential soldiers prior to deployment. After World War II he lived in Hell’s Kitchen where he wrote That Which Is and The Unchallenged Self in 1954.

 From That Which Is, by Alfred Aiken. Copyright © 1955 by Alfred Aiken. Revised Copyright © 1971 by Hillier Press, Birmingham, Alabama.