Space in the Heart of the Lotus – Bede Griffiths and the Hindu-Christian Contemplative Experience

Dom Bede Griffiths’s interest in Eastern philosophy began in England with early readings of the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada. Ordained in 1940 as a Benedictine monk, Bede Griffiths arrived in India in 1955 to start a monastery. After two failed beginnings, he met Abhishiktananda (Dom Henri Le Saux), who had founded an ashram named Shantivanam.

In 1968, Abhishiktananda left for a solitary life in the Himalayas and invited Bede Griffiths to take over the ashram. At Shantivanam, Father Bede lived a life of prayer and meditation, blending the contemplative practices of both Christianity and Hinduism.

The Space in the Heart of the Lotus captures the heart of the Indian spirit and its sacred traditions. Against beautiful scenes of Indian life in a Christian Hermitage, these personal interviews with Father Bede reveal his deep love, spiritual insight, and reflections on meditative practice.

Time: 52 Min.
Item #: 978-1-878019-31-8
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“His vision has guided him to open the hearts and minds of mankind to gain understanding and acceptance of all the major religions with respect and dignity.”
—The Dalai Lama

“Father Bede was the simplest and most eloquent spokesman of the Holy Spirit that our time has seen . . . one of the most important people of this century, an authentic prophet.”
—Andrew Harvey, author of A Journey in Ladakh and Hidden Journey: A Spiritual Awakening

“Bede Griffiths is regarded by many as one of the greatest mystics of this century. He was a profound thinker and pioneer in East-West understanding, whose spiritual vision will surely have a lasting influence on the world.”


“Contemplation is not something which we achieve for ourselves; it is something that comes when we let go. We have to abandon everything, all words, thoughts, hopes, fears, all attachment to ourselves; or to any earthly thing, and let the divine mystery take possession of our lives.”
—Dom Bede Griffiths

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