Pointers From Nisargadatta Maharaj

Author: Ramesh Balsekar
6″ x 9″
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This book captures some of the force and immediacy of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teachings, as expressed in short articles by Ramesh Balsekar. Nisargadatta untiringly guided others to inquire into the origin of consciousness. The beauty and intensity of Nisargadatta’s life and teaching is portrayed in an authentic and intuitive manner.


You are—you always have been—where you want to be led. Actually, there is no “where” that can be led to. Awareness of this obvious position is the answer—just the aperception; nothing to be done. And the tragic irony is that such awareness and apperception cannot be an act of volition. Does your waking state come about by itself, or do you awaken yourself as an act of volition? Indeed, the least effort on “your” part will prevent what otherwise might have happened naturally and spontaneously. And the joke within the joke is that your deliberately not doing anything will also prevent it happening! It is simple, really; “doing.”

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