Open to the Infinite – Ram Dass & Krishna Dass at the Inner Directions Gathering

After a major stroke, Ram Dass returns with a vibrant joy and deepened wisdom, resulting from a profound encounter with Silence. In this video, he joins with singer Krishna Das for a very special presentation. This remarkable event is like a circle: Ram Dass speaks about his stroke as an act of grace, and about the profound gift of silence he has been given, while the melodious chanting of Krishna Das carries the words home to the heart. This is an inspiring video, which demonstrates that the silence of Spirit and the eternal chant of India both emanate from the same source.

Ram Dass, the brilliant orator, still funny and poignant, demonstrates how life’s difficulties can bring strength and true happiness. Inspiring and magical, this video captures the changes in Ram Dass’s inner and outer life and shows that the two are, in fact, not different.

Director: Bertram W. Salzman
Editor: Matthew Greenblatt
Time: 120 Min.
Item #: 978-1-878019-29-5
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“Ram Dass returns from his life-threatening stroke to join singer Krishna Das in an evening of dialogue, chant, and inspiration.”

“Vulnerable but strong, Ram Dass tells his audience that his stroke ‘ . . . gives me a ready-made excuse to inject silence.’ Dass’s words are both wrenching and joyful. The harmonious chanting of Krishna Das adds to the feeling of magic in the room.”
New Age Journal

“Ram Dass’s struggle to express himself, despite the limitations of a stroke, is really no different than our own struggle to articulate that which lies at the core of our own being. A glowing demonstration of his strength and peace.”
New Age Retailer

“With his usual humor and wisdom, Ram Dass uses stories from the past and present to illustrate the way of suffering, and how its apparent difficulties actually bring one closer to the Supreme. Included is Indian chanting led by singer Krishna Das.”


“As you probably know, three years ago I was ‘stroked.’ And it’s led to a very, very deep and profound silence. In this culture, it’s really sacrilegious to talk about a stroke with joy. The first part of my stroke-sadhana (practice) was keeping two things on the screen: stroke and my guru’s compassion. He’s compassionate and he’s my guru, and I’ve got this stroke-guru’s grace. I am living within his grace and the stroke.”
—Ram Dass (from the video)

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