On Having No Head – Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious

Douglas Harding is a highly respected mystic/philosopher who has written more than a dozen books. For more than fifty years, Douglas has been sharing with people around the world a unique method for rediscovering the most obvious aspect of ourselves: the truth of our fundamental identity. In this informal talk from his home in England, Douglas stimulates his audience to find out the nature of their own reality, using a variety of “experiments”—simple deep-awareness exercises that lead one to the center of harmony and peace; the very nature of our real being. Practicing the principles in On Having No Head can bring us to see “who” we really are, in the truest sense of the term.

In this video, Douglas shows us how to “see” the truth of our original nature through the process of inward-turning. The result is an experience of untainted peace and happiness, which is our true nature—forgotten through lifelong identification with the objective world.

Author: Douglas E. Harding
Pages: 128
Item #: 978-1-878019-19-6
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“Harding’s aim has always been demystification, and whereas a genius or a sage would normally be expected to purvey learning, he employs his own very considerable learning to encourage unlearning of common, deeply ingrained mental habits, which he believes to be not just profoundly misleading, but actually life-destroying.”
—John Wren-Lewis, author of The 9:15 to Nirvana

“This headless seer, this travel guide to inner space, is a scientist of the highest caliber. He speaks from a place of true independence, resting on the fact of his direct experience and ‘in-seeing’ in the NOW.”
-Bobbi Lurie, IDJ Review


“This seeing into nothingness is always on tap, whatever one’s mood, whatever one is up to, no matter how calm or agitated one happens to be at the time. It’s instantly available on demand, simply by looking in. This accessibility, when fully put to the test, may leave one’s life outwardly the same, but inwardly revolutionized.”
—Douglas E. Harding

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