Myth of Enlightenment, The – Seeing Through the Illusion of Separation

Whether you meet Karl Renz in person or through this book, the encounter will leave you with a radically different sense of yourself. Karl’s unique ability lies in exposing the beliefs we’ve built our lives on, beginning with our root sense of individuality. Our current predicament is the result of believing ourselves to be something other than what we really are. This self-imposed limitation causes our incessant searching and suffering.

Throughout these dialogues Karl unceasingly brings us back to the truth of our real nature by helping us recognize the fleeting and impermanent nature of the self we’ve come to believe in. Even momentarily seeing the truth of who we really are immediately frees us, if only temporarily, from these self-imposed limitations.

Karl’s purpose-if we can say he even has one-is to reflect our own divinity, which he skillfully and uncompromisingly expresses throughout the pages of this book. By realizing the implication of his words, we can live life to its fullest and experience the boundless freedom that is our essence.

Author: Karl Renz
Pages: 232
Item #: 978-1-878019-24-0
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“You are that which is prior to any kind of peace or conflict, prior to every sensation, perception, or concept. All this appears and disappears within you. Longing and seeking are also part of these appearances. You don’t need the fulfillment of any kind of seeking in order to be what you already are. For this, nothing has to come and nothing has to go. You yourself are the fulfillment.
—Karl Renz

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