Look for Yourself – The Science and Art of Self-Realization

This book is an outstanding collection of essays by Douglas Harding, author of the contemporary spiritual classic On Having No Head. In Look for Yourself, the esteemed mystic/philosopher helps us to discover what is so obvious about our true nature, yet so easily overlooked. The book is, in effect, a heartfelt challenge to the reader to awaken to the true identity that is (as Harding makes evident) more wonderful than any of us can imagine, and easier to perceive than anything in the world.

The writings convey exactly how and where to look in order to find this treasure of sanity and well-being. What’s more, they verify the immense personal and universal implications of awakening to our infinite nature.

Douglas Harding’s work represents a breakthrough in communicating the experience and meaning of true identity. Combining insight and humor in his characteristic fashion, Harding leads us toward the rediscovery of “oneself” by oneself, articulating the way home in a manner that is always fresh and authentic.

Author: Douglas E. Harding
Pages: 240
Item #: 978-1-878019-01-1
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“For years, British philosopher Douglas Harding has been trying to explain (in uncommonly well-chosen words) that we are not what we take ourselves to be—he shows that our True Identity is more wonderful and easier to find than we could have ever imagined.”
Yoga Journal

“This book of articles by the author of On Having No Head is lucid, witty, and a feast for those who are interested in self-knowledge-especially for the message between the lines.”
The Scientific & Medical Network Review

Look for Yourself is ideal for seekers of higher awareness who are allergic to more traditional approaches. At the same time, those involved in traditional religious philosophies will find Harding’s approach refreshing and stimulating. After all, it often helps to look at things from a new and original angle.”
Bodhi Tree Book Review (Editor’s Choice)


“There’s Ramana’s insistence that it’s easier to see What and Who we really are than to see a gooseberry in the palm of our hand. All of which means that there are no preconditions for this essential in-seeing. To oneself one’s true nature is forever on display, and how one can pretend otherwise is one of the world’s great mysteries. It’s available now, just as one is, and does not require the would-be seer to be holy, or virtuous, or learned, or clever, or special in any way. Rather the reverse. What a superb—and woefully neglected—advantage this is!”
—Douglas Harding

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