I Am That

This is the classic book of talks with Nisargadatta Maharaj that was brilliantly translated and edited by Maurice Frydman shortly before the latter’s death in March 1976. Nisargadatta Maharaj had the dual gift of a finely honed intellect and deep realization of the Absolute. In his sharing with others, his simplicity, authenticity, and earnestness endeared him to people from around the world. These dialogues cover a broad range of topics and always bring the questioner back to the immediacy of the ever-present Reality, which needs to be sought for behind the appearance of individuality.

Author: Nisargadatta Maharaj
Editor: Maurice Frydman
Pages: 550
Item #: 0-89386-022-2
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Be conscious of yourself, watch your mind, give it your full attention. Don’t look for quick results; there may be none within your noticing. Unknown to you, your psyche will undergo a change, there will be more clarity in your thinking, charity in your feeling, purity in your behavior. You need not aim at these—you will witness the change all the same. For what you are now is the result of inattention and what you become will be the fruit of attention.

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