Hunting the “I”

These distinctive writings shed great insight on several important aspects of spiritual life. Lucy Cornelssen was a German mystic who lived that last part of her life at the Arunachala Hill in South India. She writes from direct experience, sharing her insights on topics that help guide one beyond the ideas and concepts that are often associated with spiritual Awakening.

Author: Lucy Cornelssen
Pages: 137
Item #: SRA-10330
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Hunting the “I” means trying to overcome obstacles before Awakening to Truth . . . but how many faces it has! The one which soon betrays itself as a great deposit of obstacles is the so-called mind, with its main qualities of restlessness and dullness. The cardinal remedy that has been mentioned is to develop an attitude of unconcerned witnessing—watch the restless thoughts, and the rushing torrent of the mind will slow down.

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