Consciousness Is All

This book is not about belief, faith, or fictitious separate personal consciousnesses, and how they must become more aware. It is about how completely, perfectly aware the One Consciousness Itself already is. Again, that doesn’t leave you out, for that very Consciousness is the only You there is. The only One being conscious so this can now be read is the Consciousness being spoken of.

Author: Peter Francis Dziuban
Pages: 348
Item #: 978-1-57733-160-5
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“Consciousness Is All is an inspiring picture of the nonlocal, infinite, eternal nature of Consciousness. This is affirmed not only by ancient wisdom, but is emerging as well in several areas of science.”
—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things and Healing Words.

“The book truly does build line upon line, precept upon precept. I see each little petal open as the book unfolds. It clears away the debris and takes out the middleman—the ‘and’ in God ‘and’ man. Just the One Self forever and ever being Itself. Simplicity in Reality and Oneness.”
—Mystics of the World Bookstore (Eliot, ME)


One who is alert sees that pure Awareness, all by Itself alone, never changes or goes away. Thoughts come and go, yes. Emotions pass. And the body’s five forms of sensing-what is seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelled-change constantly. Looking closely, you see it’s always the stuff you seem to be aware of that’s changing and passing, never Awareness Itself. Awareness, all by Itself alone, is present as pure Being, a changeless presence which simply, immovably is.

Look closely at how the mind works. It takes the passing of time to think thoughts. It takes time to experience sensations: to see sights, hear sounds, and to touch, taste and smell. It takes time to feel emotions, and even to have psychic experiences. Yet all such things that pass in time are only what you seem to be aware of. None of that is Awareness Itself. Awareness as It is being isn’t passing in the flow of time with those things. It’s the way a pure white movie screen never budges, while the movie characters and images superimposed on it appear to move and change constantly. Pure Awareness is changelessly present.

Now notice the nature of the mind’s activity that’s always passing in time. It’s never present. Look at the constant sweep of the second-hand on a watch. It never quits moving. Time never stops passing to genuinely be, to be present, to be what truly is. Time seems to flow non-stop: as the future, that-which-is-not-yet, instantly becomes a past, that-which-is-not-anymore. Time is literally a state of that which is not!

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