Consciousness and the Absolute – The Final Talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

This is the third of three books of dialogues with Nisargadatta Maharaj, transcribed and edited by Jean Dunn. Consciousness and the Absolute captures the spirit and clarity of this contemporary sage in a unique and personal manner. Jean spent several years with Nisargadatta, visiting him daily in his small upstairs room in Bombay. This final collection of dialogues was recorded when Nisargadatta’s body was riddled with the pain of progressive cancer. Through these poignant conversations, the words of Nisargadatta Maharaj reflect the summation of his wisdom.

Editor: Jean Dunn
Pages: 118
Item #: 0-89386-041-7
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It is the nature of the life force to express itself through thoughts and words, so they will keep on coming. If you have to make an effort in the beginning not to get involved, make that effort until it becomes effortless. . . . Thoughts will come in consciousness; witnessing also takes place in consciousness. You must have the conviction that you are consciousness.

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