Sacred Texts

Lao Tzu

Seven Taoist Masters

Winter passed, and it was spring. On the third day of the third month, Wang secretly left home and journeyed twenty miles to the bridge where he had bid farewell to the two immortals. He sat by the bridge and waited patiently; looking around from time to time to make sure he did not miss any traveler passing through the area. Suddenly he heard someone call his name; looking behind […]

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The Metaphorical Journey of Arjuna

Spiritual texts that have stood the test of time continually reveal the truths they embody through the hearts and minds of those who apply their teachings in daily life. The fact that a teaching lives this way allows it to endure. The Bhagavad Gita is one of the great scriptures that reveals itself in this manner. It was Mahatma Gandhi’s “bible,” and is both an inspirational text and manual for

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Swampland Flowers

An ancient worthy said, “If you can recognize the inherent nature while going along with the flow, there is neither joy nor sorrow.” Ta Hui was born in 1088 during the Chinese Sung dynasty. At that time, Ch’an Buddhism was flourishing and its impact was felt at every level of society. Even at an early age, Ta Hui exhibited the signs of a remarkable being. At the age of sixteen,

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Glimpses of Realization

The everyday practice is just ordinary life itself. Since the underdeveloped state does not exist, there is no need to behave in any special way or try to attain or practice anything. —Maha Ati The sutra teachings are common to all Buddhist traditions and form the basis for all the teachings that came later. The insight into emptiness and nonsubstantiality is the essential platform from which the tantric and nondual

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