Bewildered Ignorance

by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

At first, for bewildered beings Awareness did not arise on the ground. That obscurity of unconsciousness Is the cause of bewildered ignorance. The Dzogchen view is that deluded beings arise because of the failure to see the awareness of the original ground. The awareness, which did not arise on the ground, is the awareness of […]

Perceiving the Nature of Reality

by Lama Thubten Yeshe & Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

One who can see the cause and result Of all existence within samsara and liberation As unbetraying, and whose false view is dissolved, Has entered the path that pleases the buddhas. —Je Tsong-khapa The wisdom of emptiness should be a direct remedy for our ignorance of the true nature of reality. If this wisdom is […]


by Anthony de Mello

The only way someone can be of help to you is in challenging your ideas. If you’re ready to listen and if you’re ready to be challenged, there’s one thing that you can do, but no one can help you. What is this most important thing of all? It’s called self-observation. No one can help […]

Get In, Get In

by V. Ganesan

Narrated by N. V. Gunaji When there is a sincere desire on the part of a devotee to see Bhagavan and a determination to do so, Bhagavan helps him miraculously and meets him halfway. From the moment I decided to see Bhagavan, everything helped me. I wanted to know more about Bhagavan and his Ashram. […]


by Eva Wong

Taoist Stories for Practical Living Lieh-tzu lived during the Eastern Ch’ou dynasty (770-476 BCE). It is said that he studied under Wen-tzu, who was a student of Lao-tzu. The book the Lieh-tzu contains materials that were written over a period of six hundred years. There were twenty sections which were condensed into the eight sections […]