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Dom Bede Griffiths’s interest in Eastern philosophy began in England with early readings of the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada. Ordained in 1940 as a Benedictine monk, Bede Griffiths arrived in India in 1955 to start a monastery. After two failed beginnings, he met Abhishiktananda (Dom Henri Le Saux), who had founded an ashram named […]

After a major stroke, Ram Dass returns with a vibrant joy and deepened wisdom, resulting from a profound encounter with Silence. In this video, he joins with singer Krishna Das for a very special presentation. This remarkable event is like a circle: Ram Dass speaks about his stroke as an act of grace, and about […]

Douglas Harding is a highly respected mystic/philosopher who has written more than a dozen books. For more than fifty years, Douglas has been sharing with people around the world a unique method for rediscovering the most obvious aspect of ourselves: the truth of our fundamental identity. In this informal talk from his home in England, […]

Nisargadatta Maharaj’s life was a wonderful example of a modern-day sage, one who lived the simple life of a shopkeeper and family man yet taught from the highest perspective of nondual realization. Maharaj’s books and teachings are popular among Western seekers because of their great clarity and direct approach to spiritual awakening. Awaken to the […]

This is the story of an ancient culture tucked away among the largest mountains in the world. It is a rugged land, one whose joyful people strive to sustain themselves against great odds. While The Art of Dying explores the treatment of death as practiced in this ancient Buddhist culture, this film is more a […]