The Path of Knowledge

by Ramana Maharshi

Dr. Walter Evans-Wentz was the editor/translator of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, was drawn to the mystical clarity of “high, exalted places.” He found it in the mountains of Tibet, the South Indian mountain, Arunachala, and the Cuchama mountain southeast of San Diego, California.   For several weeks in 1935 Dr. Evans-Wentz resided at […]

A Dialogue Just after Talks with Ramana Maharshi went to press, Ken Wilber was kind enough to answer some questions about what he believes to be the nature of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, as presented in Talks. The love and respect he has for this beloved sage is apparent in the dialogue, and in his earlier […]

The Simple Truth

by Inner Directions Interview with Byron Katie

An Interview Inner Directions Journal: The “Work” that you do with people includes several exercises. Does this Work (in approach and application) in any way represent a psychological process? Katie: No. What it does is bring a person back to himself or herself. That is all. IDJ: I understand there are four specific questions to […]

In the fall of 1997, Inner Directions held a board meeting and explored ways to fundraise in order to keep our publishing work ongoing. One of the board members suggested that we call a group of friends together and hold a fundraising program. Originally designed for about fifty to sixty-five people, the February 1998 Inner […]

Rami Shapiro I’m going to ask Elaine Kreston to play a note on her cello, and I’m going to ask you to follow that note and let it lead you into silence. I will offer a prayer out of silence, and then Elaine will bring us back with another note from her cello. “We call […]