The Impersonal Consciousness

by Ramesh Baleskar

An Interview IDJ: When and under what circumstances did you first meet Nisargadatta Maharaj? Ramesh: It was in November, 1978. Actually, the reason that I went there was because I read an article in The Mountain Path magazine (published by Sri Ramanasramam, the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi). There was an article in it on Nisargadatta […]

True Emptinesss

by Stephen Levine

An Interview Stephen Levine is an author and meditation teacher. He emphasizes the healing of the heart and works with people who have terminal illnesses. Stephen spoke to Matthew Greenblatt editor of The Inner Directions Journal from his home in New Mexico. Stephen’s books include: Who Dies?, A Gradual Awakening, Healing into Life and Death, […]

There were many special moments at the Gathering 2001, as we “celebrated the present” together. Since there were technical issues with most of the recordings, we could not bring you selections from each talk. This talk by Adyashanti is the only one to survive this Gathering. The Self, Buddha nature, Spirit, God… these are not […]

Awakening the Buddha Within

by Lama Surya Das

An Interview Inner Directions Journal:In your book, Awakening the Buddha Within, you write about growing up Jewish in a typical suburban Long Island, New York home. After graduating college you literally left America the next day—to search for answers—not knowing where you would end up. Lama Surya Das: That’s true. IDJ: You wound up in […]

The Teacher Questioner: What can I do to find a teacher or Guru? I notice that many people long for this encounter, therefore I think it necessary. Can you show me the way, or do you yourself wish to act as my Guru? Raphael: The aim of life is not to seek a teacher, but […]