In the Meadow

by David Manners

An Interview “You already are your perfect Self. It’s only a matter of recognition. There never was, is, or will be more perfection than you are at this perfect moment.” —David Manners David Manners was an actor and writer, the author of several books and articles; including Look Through: An Evidence of Self Discovery and […]

Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

by Francis Lucille

An Interview with Francis Lucille Francis Lucille was born in France in 1944. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris where he was trained as a mathematician and physicist. In 1973, an encounter with Vedantic and Zen scriptures triggered a deep self-inquiry that found its resolution through meeting his teacher in 1975. […]

An Interview The infinite a sudden guest Has never assumed to be, But how can that stupendous come Which never went away? —Emily Dickinson Thelma Rappold spent three years with Ramana Maharshi (1947-1950) at Sri Ramanasramam, in Tiruvannamalai, South India. At that time, the township of Tiruvannamalai was still a rural area, with none of […]

Stay with the “No Thing”

by “Sailor” Bob Adamson

We are told that we are a “person”—that we are a separate individual or a separate entity, and naturally believe it from then on. When you are a little child (before the reasoning starts) it is not “I do this or that,” it is “Johnny does this or Johnny wants that”—or whatever the name may […]

This interview was recorded in 1998, just after the first edition of the book, The Power of Now was published. IDJ: In the first chapter of The Power of Now, you write that you lived in a state of almost continuous anxiety and occasional suicidal depression. One morning you awoke with the thought “I cannot […]