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Recalling Ramana Maharshi

An interview with Lucia Osborne Lucia Osborne came to India in 1942 and settled at Sri Ramanasramam soon after. Sher preceded her husband, Arthur Osborne, who was to follow but was placed in an internment camp for for several years before the end of World War II.  They built a cottage at the foot of the sacred mountain, Arunachala, where they spent the latter part of their life with Sri […]

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Being with Nisargadatta Maharaj

The following excerpt from an interview between Jean Dunn and The Inner Directions Journal. It’s followed by a selection from the personal (unpublished) journal she kept of additional dialogues during the period of 1977-1981. Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981) was born in the city of Bombay, as Maruti Shivrampant Kampli. As a child, Maruti displayed an introspective, independent and resourceful nature which eventually led him to open several shops in Bombay, selling

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The Poetry of Ramana Maharshi

How does the poetry of a Ramana Maharshi compare with traditional written prose or oral teachings? What makes this poetical format especially effective? Like the poetry of other sages, the verses of Ramana Maharshi’s differ from traditional written prose or oral teachings, by reason of its content. The words of a sage disclose to the inner eye and ear the ineffable, unconditioned, infinite, eternal, and free. In Upadesa Saram, The

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There’s No Way Out of Totality

When we look into a mirror, we see a reflection — an image, shapes and colors, a visual sensation―and we say, “That’s me.” But what we don’t see is the seeing. We don’t see awareness. We mistake an image or a sensation for what we are, and we overlook the boundless awareness or the presence in which it all appears. When you look across the room and see somebody else,

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On Transmission and Teaching

Questioner One: I would like to ask you a question. I have deep respect for you—I’ve listened to your tapes and read your books. I also have deep respect for the others present here, and for myself. We have been talking a lot about the future of Buddhism in America. Many people here are from different traditions, and some are not affiliated with any. Generally, traditions have a concept of

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Revolution in Consciousness

An Interview with Robert Powell Robert Powell is a well-known writer and editor of books on the teachings of Advaita, or non-duality. This interview was recorded in the summer of 1993 at Robert Powell’s home. Rick Moore and Cortland Harris talked with Robert, on behalf of The Claremont Forum, located in Claremont, California. The Claremont Forum: Did you ever meet Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj? Robert Powell: I never met the man.

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Jack Kornfield

Extraordinary Sense of Spaciousness: Nisargadatta Maharaj

“The essential point of his teaching is that we already are absolutely free and that there is nothing that we have to do or make or become or change ourselves into; we simply have to see the truth of life which is that we are not this body nor this mind, but they are plays of the elements as your will and that, when one understands this, there comes extraordinary

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Jean Dunn

Find Out Who You Are

Jean Dunn speaks about life with Nisargadatta Maharaj. This interview was recorded by Malcolm Tillis in 1981, while Jean was living in Bombay, India. Jean Dunn: I am just a normal person of fifty-nine who has been searching all her life until, ten years ago, she heard of Ramana Maharshi. She visited his ashram, went back to the States, then returned to India, where she has been living for the

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David Manners

In the Meadow

An Interview “You already are your perfect Self. It’s only a matter of recognition. There never was, is, or will be more perfection than you are at this perfect moment.” —David Manners David Manners was an actor and writer, the author of several books and articles; including Look Through: An Evidence of Self Discovery and Awakening from the Dream of Me. David was a rising Hollywood film star in 1930s

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Frances Lucille

Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

An Interview with Francis Lucille Francis Lucille was born in France in 1944. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris where he was trained as a mathematician and physicist. In 1973, an encounter with Vedantic and Zen scriptures triggered a deep self-inquiry that found its resolution through meeting his teacher in 1975. Besides working as a scientist and diplomat, he has held dialogues, meditation sessions, and workshops

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Thelma Rappold

Living in the Presence of the Infinite

An Interview The infinite a sudden guest Has never assumed to be, But how can that stupendous come Which never went away? —Emily Dickinson Thelma Rappold spent three years with Ramana Maharshi (1947-1950) at Sri Ramanasramam, in Tiruvannamalai, South India. At that time, the township of Tiruvannamalai was still a rural area, with none of the everyday amenities a Westerner would be used to. Remarkably, Thelma met her husband (also

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Eckhart Tolle

The Dimension of Consciousness

This interview was recorded in 1998, just after the first edition of the book, The Power of Now was published. IDJ: In the first chapter of The Power of Now, you write that you lived in a state of almost continuous anxiety and occasional suicidal depression. One morning you awoke with the thought “I cannot live with myself any longer.” At that point you became aware of a difference between

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Ramesh Balsekar

The Impersonal Consciousness

An Interview IDJ: When and under what circumstances did you first meet Nisargadatta Maharaj? Ramesh: It was in November, 1978. Actually, the reason that I went there was because I read an article in The Mountain Path magazine (published by Sri Ramanasramam, the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi). There was an article in it on Nisargadatta Maharaj, written by an American woman, Jean Dunn. In the article, she mentioned the book,

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Stephen Levine

True Emptinesss

An Interview Stephen Levine is an author and meditation teacher. He emphasizes the healing of the heart and works with people who have terminal illnesses. Stephen spoke to Matthew Greenblatt editor of The Inner Directions Journal from his home in New Mexico. Stephen’s books include: Who Dies?, A Gradual Awakening, Healing into Life and Death, Embracing the Beloved, and A Year to Live. IDJ: There are many points of view

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Dialogue from Gathering 2001

There were many special moments at the Gathering 2001, as we “celebrated the present” together. Since there were technical issues with most of the recordings, we could not bring you selections from each talk. This talk by Adyashanti is the only one to survive this Gathering. The Self, Buddha nature, Spirit, God… these are not sacred words; they are simply pointers. The living reality is closer than any word or

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Lama Surya Das

Awakening the Buddha Within

An Interview Inner Directions Journal:In your book, Awakening the Buddha Within, you write about growing up Jewish in a typical suburban Long Island, New York home. After graduating college you literally left America the next day—to search for answers—not knowing where you would end up. Lama Surya Das: That’s true. IDJ: You wound up in Katmandu with Lama Thubten Yeshe. It struck me that what initially drew you to Buddhism

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At the Source of Life

At the Source of Life

The Teacher Questioner: What can I do to find a teacher or Guru? I notice that many people long for this encounter, therefore I think it necessary. Can you show me the way, or do you yourself wish to act as my Guru? Raphael: The aim of life is not to seek a teacher, but truth. When you love truth more than your ego then the Guru will come to

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The Path of Knowledge

Dr. Walter Evans-Wentz was the editor/translator of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, was drawn to the mystical clarity of “high, exalted places.” He found it in the mountains of Tibet, the South Indian mountain, Arunachala, and the Cuchama mountain southeast of San Diego, California.   For several weeks in 1935 Dr. Evans-Wentz resided at the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi. His plans to visit Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarowar

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Byron Katie

The Simple Truth

An Interview Inner Directions Journal: The “Work” that you do with people includes several exercises. Does this Work (in approach and application) in any way represent a psychological process? Katie: No. What it does is bring a person back to himself or herself. That is all. IDJ: I understand there are four specific questions to ask oneself: 1.   Is the belief I hold true? 2.   Can I really know that

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Ken Wilber

The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

A Dialogue Just after Talks with Ramana Maharshi went to press, Ken Wilber was kind enough to answer some questions about what he believes to be the nature of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, as presented in Talks. The love and respect he has for this beloved sage is apparent in the dialogue, and in his earlier book, Grace and Grit, in which he writes about his wife’s fight with and eventual

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Selected Dialogues from Gathering 2004

In the fall of 1997, Inner Directions held a board meeting and explored ways to fund raise in order to keep our publishing work ongoing. One of the board members suggested that we call a group of friends together and hold a fundraising program. Originally designed for about fifty to sixty-five people, the February 1998 Inner Directions Gathering (the first one) was held in a hall in downtown La Jolla.

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