“The greatness and compassion of Ramana Maharshi is the clarity with which he has shown that this beatific state is available to all.” —Kunju Swami When I think of Kunju Swami, whom we first met in 1973 at Sri Ramanasramam (the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi in South India), I remember the sweetness, humility, and bright […]

Krishna Prem

by Ronald Nixon

Ronald Nixon “It is not by “thinking out” the entire reality, but by a change of consciousness that one can pass from ignorance to knowledge—the knowledge by which we become what we know.” —Krishna Prem There are some individuals whose lives are like fireflies; they shine brilliantly for a while, and then quickly disappear. Yet, […]

J. Krishnamurti

by R.E. Mark Lee

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a teacher unique among the profusion of teachers, gurus, seers, yogis, saviors, and spiritual men and women of history. He was neither of the East nor the West; he wanted no followers or adherents; his teachings had no philosophy; and he left a carefully recorded legacy of 20 million words on […]

It was September 11, 1893, and there was a fundamental shift happening in the world. Swami Vivekananda, the direct disciple of the great Indian Saint Sri Ramakrishna was speaking at the Parliament of World Religions, and with his first words, “Sisters and Brothers of America . . . ” the entire audience erupted in a […]

Brother Lawrence

by Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence’s Way of Love Seventeenth-century France was a time filled with power struggles and social unrest. Of all the shining lights of that century, few spoke with the simplicity and humility of a lay monk whose quiet presence resided in the heart of turbulent Paris. More than any other of his day, Brother Lawrence […]