That Which Is

by Dr. Alfred Aiken

God has no reflection of himself. There is no one or thing to do the reflecting. The One Self is the Self of All, all Self. A reflection would not be the original, but rather an “image,” a “likeness,” hence a counterfeit which is worthless, valueless, a fraud. The Perfect One includes nothing fraudulent. Moses […]

Action and Non-Action

by Wei Wu Wei

“Enlightenment is straightly attained by freedom from separate selfhood.” —The Buddha “Is not the idea of liberation in the domain of maya? Does not the Vedanta teach that the Atman (the I-Reality) is always free? Why then should I struggle for my liberation?” —Vivekananda Action and Non-ActionTHE HALF-CENTURY DURING WHICH RAMANA MAHARSHI lived in a […]

The Icy Couch

by Charlotte Joko Beck

AS WE SIT, THE ENDLESS SPINNING in our heads reveals to us our strategy. If we label our thoughts long enough we’re going to recognize our strategy. It’s the strategy itself that generates the buzzing thoughts. Only one thing in our life is not caught by this strategy, and that’s the physical, organic life of […]

MOST PEOPLE THINK THAT KNOWLEDGE is the key to everything, or almost everything, and that the reason we have not yet succeeded in realizing our Self, or Consciousness, is that we do not have the necessary knowledge. We must continue our efforts to increase our knowledge of body and mind until all ignorance has been […]

Disrupting the Harmony

by Master Lin-chi

“WHAT IS MEANT BY DISRUPTING the harmony of the Monastic Order?”The Master said, “If you properly understand that the bonds and entanglements of earthly desires are so much emptiness with no place to lean on, this is disrupting the harmony of the Monastic Order.” “What is meant by burning the sutras and images?”The Master said, […]