Being a Buddha on Broadway – Access the Power of Your Naturally Peaceful Mind

At the age of eight, Bert Salzman experienced a profound mystical transformation amid an environment of deep despair. This event radically changed his experience of life, bringing with it an experience of universal love and lasting happiness. At that time, young Bert made a promise to himself to discover the source of this transformation.

At age fifty, while at the height of his career in film and television as an Academy Award-winning director, Salzman abandoned Broadway and Hollywood in order to fulfill his earlier promise. For the following twelve years, he lived in a small cottage in the French countryside, spending his time in deep contemplation and meditative inquiry.

Through meetings with J. Krishnamurti and other philosopher/mystics, Salzman found himself firmly established at the heart of all spiritual fruition: the peace and joy that is our essential nature. He discovered the source of the spiritual joy he had first tasted as a schoolboy, and that illumination returned and became the very foundation of his life.

Being a Buddha on Broadway contains much more than just Bert Salzman’s compelling story: it is a truly practical guide to help us reclaim our own spiritual essence. Through the power of attention, the simple but dramatic exercises contained in these pages can give any reader a joyful ability to see beyond the drama each of us calls “my life.”

Author: Bertram W. Salzman
Pages: 176
Item #: 978-1-878019-22-6
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Intimately written revelations from an extraordinary life. Academy Award-winning director Bertram Salzman’s “Attention Exercises” help other access the spiritual peace and joy that is our essential nature. His noble mission is well served in this layman’s guide to the mindful life.

“Academy-Award winning director Bertram W. Salzman’s compelling personal story, and invaluable Attention Exercises, makes this book another creative medium he has mastered.”
—Robert Owens Scott, Editor in Chief, Spirituality & Healthmagazine

Reading Being A Buddha On Broadwayis a flash of recognition and awe. This book offers much value in helping people to experience why and how attention is our greatest treasure and what it reveals.”
—Christina Carson, Publisher, The Daily Inspiration

“Salzman invites us to see what he sees, to know what he knows: that Freedom is the end of everything and the beginning of the One Thing. This is more than a book, it is a compass. Use it.
—Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Open Secrets and Hasidic Tales

“Bert Salzman is somehow able to eloquently put words to the wordless. His groundbreaking Attention Exercises can give anyone an experiential sense of liberation, allowing one to wake up to pure consciousness right now! This is an extremely valuable and needed book.”
-Kay Vogt, Psy.D, Director, Center for Living Awareness

“A very effective and valuable approach for seeing the world as it actually is.”
—I. M. Pei, Internationally renowned architect & Medal of Honor recipient.


The moment a shift to a subtle mind occurs, we may look at others and see that we are only looking ourselves; consciousness has awakened to itself and is gazing into its own eyes.

—Bertram W. Salzman

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