Awaken to the Eternal – Nisargadatta Maharaj: A Journey of Self-Discovery

This booklet presents the spirit and wisdom of Nisargadatta Maharaj, as captured in the engaging Inner Directions DVD, Awaken to the Eternal. Like the DVD, the booklet is designed to emphasize Maharaj’s teachings, which are powerful and direct. The journey to Self-discovery is presented against a unique selection of still images from the original production.

Pages: 32
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“My destiny was to be born a simple man, a humble tradesman, with little formal education. My life was of the common kind, with desires and fears. When, through faith in my teacher and obedience to his words, I realized my true being, I left behind my human nature to look after itself until its destiny is exhausted. Occasionally, anold reaction, emotional or mental, happens in the mind, but it is at once noticed and discarded. After all, as long as one is burdened with a personality, one is exposed to its idiosyncrasies and habits.”
—Nisargadatta Maharaj

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