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A Day in the Life of Tofu - I have a real fascination for tofu, it is a great, versatile food. For a brief (and I stress brief) moment, I even thought of preparing it from scratch, then it would be availlable whenever I needed it. I don’t know when I first discovered tofu. It was probably many years ago, floating free in […]
Douglas Harding Photo A Great Game of Pretending - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The thought “I have not seen,” the expectation of seeing and the desire to get something are all workings of the ego . . . Be yourself and nothing more. The idea of difficulty is the chief obstacle. If we want to know the truth, if we’re interested to find […]
A Soup for Any Occasion - Soup is a universal food; it takes various ingredients, spices, and water and marries them together. I asked a few friends for their favorite soup recipes and I share their recipes with you. My favorite soup memory is a pot of many vegetables, various beans, tomatoes and spices, simmering on top of a wood stove, […]
A Tornado of Freedom - What can we expect from our meetings? To learn not to expect. Not expecting is a great art. When you no longer live in expectation, you live in a new dimension. You are free. Your mind is free. Your body is free. To understand intellectually that we are not a psychosomatic entity in the process […]
Abhishiktananda - During the pontificate of Pope Paul VI (one of the most misunderstood of popes), Murray Rogers was an Anglican priest who lived with his wife in a small community in India. He had become a close friend of Henri Le Saux, during which time he had an amazing audience with Pope Paul-amazing because the entire […]
Abhishiktananda – An Interior Journey - Abhishiktananda was an extraordinary truth seeker. Arriving in India in the late 1940s, Dom Henri Le Saux, OSB (his Christian monastic name), attempted to grasp the significance of Advaita Vedanta (nonduality) in the context of his own Christian beliefs. In India, Abhishiktananda lived the ascetic life of a simple mendicant and cave dweller, observing periods […]
Abide as the Self – The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi - This is a deeply inspiring video in which the sage Ramana speaks directly to your heart. DVDDirector: Bertram W. SalzmanEditor: Matthew GreenblattTime: 62 Min.Item #: 978-1-878019-26-4Buy Now Reviews “Abide As the Self skillfully interweaves old and new still photographs, excerpts from Ramana’s writings, interviews with longtime devotees, narration by Ram Dass, and, not least, rare […]
Abide As the Self: The Essential Teaching of Ramana Maharshi - Abide As the Self is a transforming video that takes you on an inner journey into the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and the path of Self-knowledge. Comprehensive film footage of Ramana comes alive, with emphasis on the teachings of Self-Inquiry and its practical application. A special collection of rare photographs enhances Ramana’s presence and captures […]
Wu Wei Action and Non-Action - “Enlightenment is straightly attained by freedom from separate selfhood.” —The Buddha “Is not the idea of liberation in the domain of maya? Does not the Vedanta teach that the Atman (the I-Reality) is always free? Why then should I struggle for my liberation?” —Vivekananda Action and Non-ActionTHE HALF-CENTURY DURING WHICH RAMANA MAHARSHI lived in a […]
All Search for Happiness Is Misery - Q: When do I know that I have discovered truth? M: When the idea “this is true”, “that is true” does not arise. Truth does not assert itself, it is in the seeing of the false as false and rejecting it. It is useless to search for truth, when the mind is blind to the […]
Aloneness Aloneness - “In solitude we are the least alone.” —Lord Byron IT IS SAID THAT SOME OF HIS STUDENTS once asked Rumi to reconcile his incessant speaking on the subject of silence. Rumi replied, “That which is truest of me has never uttered a word.” There is a depth in each of us that has never uttered […]
An Experiment in Mystical Union - Since our youngest son left home we have been committed to a relationship experiment of considerable song and intensity. Having departed the town of Taos, in which we raised our three children, we moved thirty-five miles up into the vast pine and ponderosa forests of the northern New Mexico mountains. Living in near seclusion, with […]
Art of Dying, The – Tibetan Voices from Mustang - This is the story of an ancient culture tucked away among the largest mountains in the world. It is a rugged land, one whose joyful people strive to sustain themselves against great odds. While The Art of Dying explores the treatment of death as practiced in this ancient Buddhist culture, this film is more a […]
Arthur Osborne - “Unchanged and unbegun, Unfellowed, He, the One, The All He is, the Alone, Otherness but a dream gone on too long.” —Arthur Osborne Arthur Osborne was born in London on September 25, 1906. His father was a school headmaster, while his mother was a simple gentlewoman, as loveable as she was impractical. From her, Arthur […]
Thomas Merton Asian Perspectives of Thomas Merton - During Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States, while addressing the Congress, he mentioned Fr. Thomas Merton. This is a reprint of an original article that we ran in an early print issue of the Inner Directions Journal. THOMAS MERTON DIED IN BANGKOK, THAILAND, on December 10, 1968, a victim of an accidental electrocution. […]
At the Source of Life - The Teacher Questioner: What can I do to find a teacher or Guru? I notice that many people long for this encounter, therefore I think it necessary. Can you show me the way, or do you yourself wish to act as my Guru? Raphael: The aim of life is not to seek a teacher, but […]
Awaken Now - A Dialogue with Leonard Jacobson In 1981, Leonard experienced the first of a series of spontaneous spiritual and mystical awakenings which profoundly altered his perception of life, truth and reality. These experiences revealed profound insights about the nature of the human condition and many of the keys to spiritual awakening. As a result, he found […]
Awaken to the Eternal – Nisargadatta Maharaj: A Journey of Self-Discovery - Nisargadatta Maharaj’s life was a wonderful example of a modern-day sage, one who lived the simple life of a shopkeeper and family man yet taught from the highest perspective of nondual realization. Maharaj’s books and teachings are popular among Western seekers because of their great clarity and direct approach to spiritual awakening. Awaken to the […]
Awaken to the Eternal – Nisargadatta Maharaj: A Journey of Self-Discovery - This booklet presents the spirit and wisdom of Nisargadatta Maharaj, as captured in the engaging Inner Directions DVD, Awaken to the Eternal. Like the DVD, the booklet is designed to emphasize Maharaj’s teachings, which are powerful and direct. The journey to Self-discovery is presented against a unique selection of still images from the original production. […]
Awakening the Buddha Within - An Interview Inner Directions Journal:In your book, Awakening the Buddha Within, you write about growing up Jewish in a typical suburban Long Island, New York home. After graduating college you literally left America the next day—to search for answers—not knowing where you would end up. Lama Surya Das: That’s true. IDJ: You wound up in […]
Allan W Anderson - Portrait Bearing and Understanding - We have been taught since the beginning of western classical metaphysics that what is is to be understood in terms of itself or as a substance, a constant; its cause is a constant also, whether we term it “God” or “Being” (with a capital B). This reduction of things to their virtual atomic, constant identity […]
Being a Buddha on Broadway – Access the Power of Your Naturally Peaceful Mind - At the age of eight, Bert Salzman experienced a profound mystical transformation amid an environment of deep despair. This event radically changed his experience of life, bringing with it an experience of universal love and lasting happiness. At that time, young Bert made a promise to himself to discover the source of this transformation. At […]
Being at Ease - Your body is the vehicle for your spirit and, just like your automobile, the more smoothly and efficiently it functions, the more able you are to enjoy the ride. If, on the other hand, your vehicle is always breaking down and giving trouble, it is very difficult to relax and enjoy the journey. You will […]
Being Oneself - Being oneself is utterly plain—no image in the brain of oneself! No idea about oneself! See images and ideas about myself for what they really are-fantasy, imagination, spin! They are not the real thing. Being oneself is not a fantasy state—it happens spontaneously! No positive or negative image of “myself” is blocking or directing the […]
Bewildered Ignorance - At first, for bewildered beings Awareness did not arise on the ground. That obscurity of unconsciousness Is the cause of bewildered ignorance. The Dzogchen view is that deluded beings arise because of the failure to see the awareness of the original ground. The awareness, which did not arise on the ground, is the awareness of […]
Jac O'Keeffe - Video Slate Body-Mind is a Puppet - JAC O’KEEFFE WAS RAISED IN rural Ireland. A desire to know about God led her to study theology and music. After graduating in the 1980’s, she felt disillusioned with her studies and was left a non-believer.  Turning her focus to issues of social inequality, she studied adult and community education, and began her career interweaving […]
Bread and Soup - We are all familiar with the well-known maxim, “you are what you eat,” and we have all felt the ill effects of food not properly digested. Since the body-mind connection is an interdependent circle, supplying the body with simple, nourishing food makes life lighter and less encumbered; our attention is not diverted but focused and […]
Breathing In vs. Spacing Out - Breathing In vs. Spacing Out Two and a half millenniums ago, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama traveled to Bodh Gaya, India, and began to meditate beneath a tree. Forty-nine days of continuous meditation later, tradition tells us, he became the Buddha—the enlightened one. More recently, a psychologist named Amishi Jha traveled to Hawaii to train […]
Brother Lawrence - Brother Lawrence’s Way of Love Seventeenth-century France was a time filled with power struggles and social unrest. Of all the shining lights of that century, few spoke with the simplicity and humility of a lay monk whose quiet presence resided in the heart of turbulent Paris. More than any other of his day, Brother Lawrence […]
Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi - This book contains the complete prose and poetical works of Ramana Maharshi, compiled by Arthur Osborne. Included in this edition are: Who Am I?, Self-Enquiry, Spiritual Instruction, Forty Verses on Reality, The Essence of Instruction, Five Hymns to Arunachala, and other works of poetry and prose. Editor: Arthur OsbornePages: 192Item #: 0-87728-907-7Buy Now
Come Home to Yourself Come Home to Yourself - COME HOME TO YOURSELF. Observe yourself. That’s why [I said earlier] that self-observation is such a delightful and extraordinary thing. After a while you don’t have to make any effort, because, as illusions begin to crumble, you begin to know things that cannot be described. It’s called happiness. Everything changes and you become addicted to […]
Concise Yoga Vasistha, The - The Concise Yoga Vasistha provides a very clear and provocative summary of one of the leading texts on nondual Vedanta. Swami Venkatesananda continues the long tradition of elaborating on and clarifying the teachings of the sage Vasistha, and captures the vitality of the original text while eliminating much of the repetition. This edition also makes […]
Consciousness and the Absolute – The Final Talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - This is the third of three books of dialogues with Nisargadatta Maharaj, transcribed and edited by Jean Dunn. Consciousness and the Absolute captures the spirit and clarity of this contemporary sage in a unique and personal manner. Jean spent several years with Nisargadatta, visiting him daily in his small upstairs room in Bombay. This final […]
Consciousness Is All - This book is not about belief, faith, or fictitious separate personal consciousnesses, and how they must become more aware. It is about how completely, perfectly aware the One Consciousness Itself already is. Again, that doesn’t leave you out, for that very Consciousness is the only You there is. The only One being conscious so this […]
Consciousness Without Self Image Consciousness Without Self - What Are We Calling “I”?One thing each of us knows for certain is that reality vastly exceeds our awareness of it. I am, for instance, sitting at my desk, drinking coffee. Gravity is holding me in place, and the manner in which this is accomplished eludes us to this day. The integrity of my chair […]
Cosmic Relief - In June, 2002, after the British musical group the Planets introduced a 60-second piece of complete silence on its latest album, representatives of the estate of composer John Cage, who once wrote 4′ 33″ (273 seconds of silence), threatened to sue the group for ripping Cage off, but failed, he was unable to specify which […]
Creation Has No Cause At All - Yoga Vasishta is one of the great classic works of Indian philosophy. Consisting of thirty thousand Sanskrit verses, it is considered a highly authoritative work on Advaita Vedanta, and presents the highest truth—that everything which exists is Consciousness—through the use of dialogues and stories. Whatever one constantly contemplates, whatever constantly oc­cupies one’s mind, and to […]
Desert Wisdom - The Past Flies Away “The past flies away, coming months and years do not exist: Only the pinprick of this moment belongs to us. We decorate this speck of a moment—time— by calling it a flowing river or a stream. But often I find myself alone in a desert wilderness, straining to catch the faint […]
Dhal Day - A number of years ago we made Friday, “dhal day.” Dhal is the Indian term for legumes—the dried beans that come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. Legumes form the protein powerhouse of Indian cuisine. How did “dhal day” begin? An Indian friend, who began helping us one day each week, always stayed for […]
Dialogue from Gathering 2001 - There were many special moments at the Gathering 2001, as we “celebrated the present” together. Since there were technical issues with most of the recordings, we could not bring you selections from each talk. This talk by Adyashanti is the only one to survive this Gathering. The Self, Buddha nature, Spirit, God… these are not […]
Disrupting the Harmony Image Disrupting the Harmony - “WHAT IS MEANT BY DISRUPTING the harmony of the Monastic Order?”The Master said, “If you properly understand that the bonds and entanglements of earthly desires are so much emptiness with no place to lean on, this is disrupting the harmony of the Monastic Order.” “What is meant by burning the sutras and images?”The Master said, […]
Distinctly Ordinary - One summer day I spent an afternoon going through some of the piles of books we have accumulated over the years. Somehow, the book The Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk, by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (originally published in 1934), caught my attention. The book opened to the section titled, “Life of Service,” and the following […]
Sadhu Arunachala Dream and Waking Experience - “We are such stuff As dreams are made on And our little life Is rounded by a sleep.” Shakespeare really did know what he was talking about and it was not just poetic effervescence. Maharshi used to say exactly the same. Though I questioned Bhagavan more often on this subject than any other, some doubts […]
Echoes of Silence – Awakening the Meditative Spirit - Douglas Harding hardly needs an introduction. He is a highly respected mystic/philosopher who, for more than forty years, has been sharing with others a direct method for rediscovering our original nature. This audiotape records Douglas and his wife Catherine’s second visit to the Gathering. Author: Robert RabbinPages: 120Item #: 978-1-878019-09-7Buy Now Excerpt The space that […]
Effort and Energy - People frequently express dismay at experiencing endless streams of thought, even after sitting (in meditation) for many years: “Am I a hopeless case?” they ask. Or, “The mind is fairly quiet and spacious here at Springwa­ter, but when I’m back home there is new entanglement again.” Or, “How can I do it better, be more […]
Stephen Levine Ego Death - The day I awoke with no center of gravity, my heart knew it had blown its mind. There was an open cauldera where once my haircut neatly grew. I seemed a cartoon character of myself dreamed up to keep the mind from being bored. When in 1975 I went through the dark night of our […]
Ramana Maharshi - Group with Annamalai Swami Ellam Ondre: Chapter Two – “You” - This small but extraordinary book, consisting of six chapters, was written in the 19th century and has been translated from Tamil into English. The author is unknown. It was referred to by Ramana Maharshi in discussions with some of his devotees. There is a specific reference to Ellam Ondre that appears in Annamalai Swami’s biography, […]
Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi – A Visual Journey - Throughout the world’s spiritual traditions, few sages command as much respect and admiration as Sri Ramana Maharshi. The Dalai Lama, Carl Jung, Mahatma Gandhi, and others have acknowledged the depth of Ramana’s Realization and the direct method of Self-Inquiry that he taught. Ken Wilber has called Ramana Maharshi “the greatest sage of the twentieth century.” […]
How Things Exist - Image Everything Comes from the Mind - Everything comes from our own mind. Since everything is merely imputed and all imputation comes from our mind, everything comes from our mind. All appearances happen by labeling; whatever appears to us happens by labeling. Again, all the appearances of life come from our mind. The appearance of a friend comes from our mind. Before […]
Exploring the Truth - “This ego, which is but a ghost without a form of its own, comes into being by taking hold of a form. Keeping hold of the form and enjoying sense-objects, it waxes greatly in strength.If the truth of it be sought, it will run away.” —Ramana Maharshi, Ulladu Narpadu (Forty Verses On Reality) verse 25 […]
Extraordinary Sense of Spaciousness: Nisargadatta Maharaj - “The essential point of his teaching is that we already are absolutely free and that there is nothing that we have to do or make or become or change ourselves into; we simply have to see the truth of life which is that we are not this body nor this mind, but they are plays […]
Face to No-Face – Rediscovering our Original Nature - Face to No-Face is the latest published work of Douglas Harding, one of the most respected mystic/philosophers of our time. The author of numerous books on spiritual awakening, including the widely acclaimed On Having No Head, Harding offers an approach to realizing the limitless “No-Face” that is completely unique and highly practical. This is his […]
Find Out Who You Are - Jean Dunn speaks about life with Nisargadatta Maharaj. This interview was recorded by Malcolm Tillis in 1981, while Jean was living in Bombay, India. Jean Dunn: I am just a normal person of fifty-nine who has been searching all her life until, ten years ago, she heard of Ramana Maharshi. She visited his ashram, went […]
Finding the Dream Image Finding the Truth Within the Dream - IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE LYING on your couch one lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxed and unworried. Your life isn’t perfect, but everything seems to be going fine lately. There are no oppressive thoughts in your mind demanding your attention. You surrender fully to the moment and find yourself closing your eyes, even though you aren’t tired. […]
Franklin Merrell-Wolff - It was September 11, 1893, and there was a fundamental shift happening in the world. Swami Vivekananda, the direct disciple of the great Indian Saint Sri Ramakrishna was speaking at the Parliament of World Religions, and with his first words, “Sisters and Brothers of America . . . ” the entire audience erupted in a […]
Fruits of the Spiritual Journey - Openness It can be said that the divine itself is openness. In its wonderful ability to be open, we can learn from the flowers, which always incarnate this principle for us. A flower simply opens to the light and warmth of the sun and receives the moisture from the earth and the rain. Presence The […]
Get In, Get In - Narrated by N. V. Gunaji When there is a sincere desire on the part of a devotee to see Bhagavan and a determination to do so, Bhagavan helps him miraculously and meets him halfway. From the moment I decided to see Bhagavan, everything helped me. I wanted to know more about Bhagavan and his Ashram. […]
Gethsemani Encounter 1996 - It is a warm Monday afternoon. The rolling hills of the Kentucky countryside provide a profound contrast to the California coastal desert, which I left just a few hours ago. Motoring along the road to Trappist, Kentucky, I notice a sign inviting us to visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, not too far from here. […]
Glimpses of Realization - The everyday practice is just ordinary life itself. Since the underdeveloped state does not exist, there is no need to behave in any special way or try to attain or practice anything. —Maha Ati The sutra teachings are common to all Buddhist traditions and form the basis for all the teachings that came later. The […]
Grandma’s Spreads - I had some extra time one Saturday in October and my mother and I went to the La Jolla (California) public library, a favorite haunt of mine. It is here that I’ve found many out-of-print books which have a collection of interesting artwork. As I was looking in my usual spot, in a bin by […]
Guru Ramana - Guru Ramana contains an excellent selection of talks between Ramana Maharshi and several questioners. The compiler, S. S. Cohen, also includes some very interesting personal reminiscences of his spiritual struggle and diary entries that chronicle Ramana’s last days. Cohen was a Western devotee who, for years, lived with Maharshi. This is an excellent introductory book […]
Harding’s Way - Whatever idea I’ve had about how things work in this world hasn’t got me far, considering that I’ve spent more than twenty years in prison. Most of my beliefs I acquired from my father and from John Wayne, and anything that wasn’t ultra tough and ultra cool was to me ultra embarrassing. In fact, I […]
Hasidic Stories - A Hasid burst into the study of Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael. “Rebbe,” he said breathlessly, “What is the way to God?” The Rebbe looked up from his studies and answered: “There is no way to God, for God is not other than here and now.” “Then, Rebbe, tell me the essence of God.” “There is […]
Hasidic Tales - There have been—Hasidim, which literally means “individuals of exceptional piety,” throughout the history of Judaism. The modern Hasidic movement, based on Jewish mysticism, originated in Poland in the eighteenth century. The movement was founded by Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer of Mazbigh, known as the Baal Shem Tov (1700-1760). The Baal Shem was a wise and […]
Heaven and Moon - Lucy Cornelssen was a mystic whose German translation of Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi has been widely read over the last three decades. She spent the last years of her life in a little cottage at the foot of the sacred Arunachala Hill. We used to spend several hours each week with her, in the […]
Hunting the “I” - These distinctive writings shed great insight on several important aspects of spiritual life. Lucy Cornelssen was a German mystic who lived that last part of her life at the Arunachala Hill in South India. She writes from direct experience, sharing her insights on topics that help guide one beyond the ideas and concepts that are […]
I Am Not Going Away. Where Could I Go? - Sri Ramana Maharshi, just before his death when the devotees were grieving over his imminent departure, reassured them with the above statement. What is the meaning of these immortal words? We have the idea that upon death, we are going somewhere; we are departing from this earth, from this world. It is necessary and, I […]
I Am Not Going Away. Where Could I Go? - Sri Ramana Maharshi, just before his death when the devotees were grieving over his imminent departure, reassured them with the above statement. What is the meaning of these immortal words? We have the idea that upon death, we are going somewhere; we are departing from this earth, from this world. It is necessary and, I […]
I Am That - This is the classic book of talks with Nisargadatta Maharaj that was brilliantly translated and edited by Maurice Frydman shortly before the latter’s death in March 1976. Nisargadatta Maharaj had the dual gift of a finely honed intellect and deep realization of the Absolute. In his sharing with others, his simplicity, authenticity, and earnestness endeared […]
I Am Therefore I Am - Expansiveness When I was a child, I would sit in bed at night and contemplate how the universe could be infinite. How can something go on forever? I would envision how there might be a brick wall in space where the universe would end, but then I would ask what was behind the wall. I […]
Impromptu Awakening - This is the realization: You are dreaming, and the entire universe is your dream. Everyone else is just a character in your dream. You have made them up. You have conjured every last person and thing in the cosmos because, after all, you are dreaming it. You are alone. You have always been alone and […]
In the Meadow - An Interview “You already are your perfect Self. It’s only a matter of recognition. There never was, is, or will be more perfection than you are at this perfect moment.” —David Manners David Manners was an actor and writer, the author of several books and articles; including Look Through: An Evidence of Self Discovery and […]
In This Moment - Toni Packer is relentlessly simple and unseductive. She doesn’t look to the past for the answers. Her words come out of listening, now, in this moment. Born in 1927, Toni Packer grew up in Nazi Germany, the daughter of two scientists. Her mother was Jewish, but because of her father’s prestigious career, the family was […]
Inquiring Beyond the Non Dual Inquiring Beyond the Non-Dual: How Deep Are You Willing to Go? - It’s easy to recognize non-dual presence and let it go to your head. The concepts start to replace the direct experience. At about that time, non-duality becomes like a religion, something to defend, a kind of head game where one’s identity gets wrapped up in the concepts that try to prove that one is awakened, […]
Insights On The Short Path - Intuition knows earthly truth without the intervention of reasoning, while insight knows divine truth in the same direct way. (20-4-151) When the mystery of it all is solved, not merely intellectually but in experience, not only in the person himself but in transcending it, not only in the depth of meditation but in the world […]
Investigation - Are you happy? When you reply with the counter question “What is happiness?” that means that you have already observed how brittle, how transient and short-lived your so-called happiness is. But maybe what you have in mind is not happiness at all, but only pleasure? “Pleasure” means the fulfillment of some desire or the removal […]
Is That All There Is? - An Interview Dr. Anderson taught the spiritual traditions of India, the Far East, and the Oracular traditions at San Diego State University. Though he is currently retired, a group of students continue to meet with him weekly—they simply don’t want to graduate from his class. I heard of Allan some years ago, but only met […]
J. Krishnamurti - J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a teacher unique among the profusion of teachers, gurus, seers, yogis, saviors, and spiritual men and women of history. He was neither of the East nor the West; he wanted no followers or adherents; his teachings had no philosophy; and he left a carefully recorded legacy of 20 million words on […]
Japanese Cooking - New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time for new beginnings. Ideally, we should begin every moment of our life anew, experiencing each moment as a fresh start. While moving from 2000 (The Year of the Dragon) to 2001 (The Year of the Snake), we spent the day preparing a traditional Japanese New Year’s feast. Three […]
Just Sayings - “All my life I’ve wanted to be somebody. But I see now I should have been more specific.” —Jane Wagner “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” —Unknown “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” […]
Krishna Prem - Ronald Nixon “It is not by “thinking out” the entire reality, but by a change of consciousness that one can pass from ignorance to knowledge—the knowledge by which we become what we know.” —Krishna Prem There are some individuals whose lives are like fireflies; they shine brilliantly for a while, and then quickly disappear. Yet, […]
Kunju Swami: A Life with Ramana Maharshi - “The greatness and compassion of Ramana Maharshi is the clarity with which he has shown that this beatific state is available to all.” —Kunju Swami When I think of Kunju Swami, whom we first met in 1973 at Sri Ramanasramam (the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi in South India), I remember the sweetness, humility, and bright […]
Let Your Heart Be Your Guide - An Interview with Francis Lucille Francis Lucille was born in France in 1944. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris where he was trained as a mathematician and physicist. In 1973, an encounter with Vedantic and Zen scriptures triggered a deep self-inquiry that found its resolution through meeting his teacher in 1975. […]
Letting Go - The Wisdom of Ajahn Chah A Western monk at a Buddhist monastery becomes frustrated by the difficulties of practice and the detailed and seemingly arbitrary rules of conduct the monks had to follow. He began to criticize other monks for sloppy practice and to doubt the wisdom of the teaching. At one point, he went […]
Lieh-Tzu - Taoist Stories for Practical Living Lieh-tzu lived during the Eastern Ch’ou dynasty (770-476 BCE). It is said that he studied under Wen-tzu, who was a student of Lao-tzu. The book the Lieh-tzu contains materials that were written over a period of six hundred years. There were twenty sections which were condensed into the eight sections […]
Living in the Presence of the Infinite - An Interview The infinite a sudden guest Has never assumed to be, But how can that stupendous come Which never went away? —Emily Dickinson Thelma Rappold spent three years with Ramana Maharshi (1947-1950) at Sri Ramanasramam, in Tiruvannamalai, South India. At that time, the township of Tiruvannamalai was still a rural area, with none of […]
Look for Yourself – The Science and Art of Self-Realization - This book is an outstanding collection of essays by Douglas Harding, author of the contemporary spiritual classic On Having No Head. In Look for Yourself, the esteemed mystic/philosopher helps us to discover what is so obvious about our true nature, yet so easily overlooked. The book is, in effect, a heartfelt challenge to the reader […]
Lose self, Find Self—True Wonder - “If for example a man should come heavily burdened with goods then there must be someone to help him unload the goods, so that the assistance of someone else is imperative. But if a person should come unburdened without any goods, then there is no necessity for a helper to unload the goods. It is […]
Love and God - The dialogue, one evening, was started by a young Canadian, wearing a Lungi and a thin Kurta (Indian dress). He said he was twenty-three, but looked barely out of his teens. He wore around his neck an elegant little silver cross on a dainty chain. He said he had come across the book; I Am […]
Lucy Cornelssen - A True Mystic There are a few individuals who come into this world, live a remote, almost obscure life, yet radiate a special presence. They are like a little lantern on a worn path that, if one stumbles across, lights one’s way. Lucy Cornelssen was one such lantern. She was a true mystic, born with […]
Markings - Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld was unanimously elected Secretary-General of the United Nations from April 1953 until September 1961, when he met his death in a plane accident while on a peace mission in the Congo. He was born on July 29, 1905 in Jonkoping in south-central Sweden. After his death, the publication in 1963 […]
Maurice Frydman - “Your own Self is your ultimate teacher. The outer teacher is merely a milestone. It is only your inner teacher that will walk with you to the goal, for he is the goal. —Nisargadatta Maharaj, from the book I Am That If I were to mention the name Maurice Frydman to spiritual practitioners who are […]
Maverick Sutras - When we lose our sense of wonder in life, it’s a sign that we know too much! It’s true. Wonder is always the first casualty of too much knowing, while it always thrives in the rich soil of not-knowing. Unfortunately, most people, when they suddenly realize that their lives have become dull, flat, devoid of […]
Ramakant Maharaj Photo Meditation Means Forgetting Your Identity - You Are Truth Q: I want to know the truth? Maharaj: You are Truth. Q: I know, but . . . Maharaj: The Knower is Truth. The one who wants to know, who is expecting Truth, That is Truth. Because we have been under the impressions and influences of the body since childhood, we find […]
Meeting Byron Katie - I first met Byron Katie during 1996, in San Diego, California. My first impression was of her hands: they were beautiful, graceful and flowing. I immediately liked her. The next time I saw Katie was at a public meeting. During the talk, I had the remarkable experience of watching myself speak. It was as if […]
Meeting Nisargadatta - I first came upon the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj when I was a student in the Ashram of Da Free John. I was working as a medical practitioner in Lake County in Northern California, and Free John had an Ashram and a bookstore with an extraordinary collection of spiritual literature gathered from around the […]
Meeting the Dalai Lama - My involvement with the Dalai Lama had begun in 1979, several months before His Holiness’s first U.S. visit, when a planner for the trip came through town to organize events. The planner was charming, European, and tired, and because this was to be the Dalai Lama’s first American tour, he wanted everything to be perfect. […]
Milarepa - “All the water and drink you’ve consumed Through beginningless time until now Has failed to slake thirst or bring you contentment. Drink therefore this stream Of enlightened mind, fortunate one.” —Milarepa Milarepa has been a great inspiration to seekers through-out the world. The fascinating and inspiring account of his life, presented in the book Tibet’s […]
Miracle of Love - Stories about the Indian Sage, Neem Karoli Baba Remember to listen to the silence into which the stories are set, for the true meeting with Maharajji lies between the lines and behind the words. For this effort, you will be amply rewarded through meeting a being of a spiritual stature rarely known on this earth. […]
Mumbai Kitchen - For one week in June, 1999, we hosted Sri Ranjit Maharaj, a brother disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj, in our home. We had never met him, but knew it would be a very special visit. He arrived with three dedicated people to assist him. Naleen, Laurence, and Ujjwala. Each had their specific duties. Naleen was Ranjit’s […]