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A Soup for Any Occasion - Soup is a universal food; it takes various ingredients, spices, and water and marries them together. I asked a few friends for their favorite soup recipes and I share their recipes with you. My favorite soup memory is a pot of many vegetables, various beans, tomatoes and spices, simmering on top of a wood stove, […]
Aloneness Aloneness - “In solitude we are the least alone.” —Lord Byron IT IS SAID THAT SOME OF HIS STUDENTS once asked Rumi to reconcile his incessant speaking on the subject of silence. Rumi replied, “That which is truest of me has never uttered a word.” There is a depth in each of us that has never uttered […]
Jac O'Keeffe - Video Slate Body-Mind is a Puppet - JAC O’KEEFFE WAS RAISED IN rural Ireland. A desire to know about God led her to study theology and music. After graduating in the 1980’s, she felt disillusioned with her studies and was left a non-believer.  Turning her focus to issues of social inequality, she studied adult and community education, and began her career interweaving […]
Consciousness Without Self Image Consciousness Without Self - What Are We Calling “I”?One thing each of us knows for certain is that reality vastly exceeds our awareness of it. I am, for instance, sitting at my desk, drinking coffee. Gravity is holding me in place, and the manner in which this is accomplished eludes us to this day. The integrity of my chair […]
I Am Therefore I Am - Expansiveness When I was a child, I would sit in bed at night and contemplate how the universe could be infinite. How can something go on forever? I would envision how there might be a brick wall in space where the universe would end, but then I would ask what was behind the wall. I […]
Inquiring Beyond the Non Dual Inquiring Beyond the Non-Dual: How Deep Are You Willing to Go? - It’s easy to recognize non-dual presence and let it go to your head. The concepts start to replace the direct experience. At about that time, non-duality becomes like a religion, something to defend, a kind of head game where one’s identity gets wrapped up in the concepts that try to prove that one is awakened, […]
Thich Nhat Hanh No Death, No Fear - In my hermitage in France there is a bush of japonica, Japanese quince. The bush usually blossoms in the spring, but one winter it had been quite warm and the flower buds had come early. During the night a cold snap arrived and brought with it frost. The next day while doing walking meditation, I […]
On Transmission and Teaching - Questioner One: I would like to ask you a question. I have deep respect for you—I’ve listened to your tapes and read your books. I also have deep respect for the others present here, and for myself. We have been talking a lot about the future of Buddhism in America. Many people here are from […]
Overcoming the Obstacles to Meditation Overcoming the Obstacles to Awakening - Becoming present is remarkably simple. However, remaining present is not so simple. Even if we are present for a short time, most of us are quickly pulled back into the past and future world of the mind. There are a number of obstacles that we must become aware of if we are to awaken fully […]
ercieivng the Nature of Reality Perceiving the Nature of Reality - One who can see the cause and result Of all existence within samsara and liberation As unbetraying, and whose false view is dissolved, Has entered the path that pleases the buddhas. —Je Tsong-khapa The wisdom of emptiness should be a direct remedy for our ignorance of the true nature of reality. If this wisdom is […]
Rays of the Absolute - Video Slate Rays Of The Absolute - SRI NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ WAS ONE OF THE GREAT sages of modern India. He may be best known for the book of comprehensive dialogues, which was compiled and edited by Maurice Frydman, and published under the name I Am That. While Maharaj was part of a specific lineage he did not propound an ideology or religion. […]
Lao Tzu Seven Taoist Masters - Winter passed, and it was spring. On the third day of the third month, Wang secretly left home and journeyed twenty miles to the bridge where he had bid farewell to the two immortals. He sat by the bridge and waited patiently; looking around from time to time to make sure he did not miss […]
Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Shunryu Suzuki Roshi - SHUNRYU SUZUKI ROSHI was a Japanese Zen priest who belonged to the Soto lineage. Roshi arrived in San Francisco in 1959 at the age of fifty-four. Already a respected Zen master in Japan, he was impressed by the seriousness and quality of “beginner’s mind” among Americans he met who were interested in Zen and decided […]
Spiritual Maturity - Until the last century, the theoretical framework of Advaita Vedanta was preserved and presented mainly within the esoteric spiritual teachings of India. Traditionally, these non-dual teachings were not imparted freely. An apprenticeship of twelve years’ service to a spiritual teacher or guru was customary, after which the guru determined if the student was ripe to […]
Still the Mind Image Still the Mind - Meditation Happens What I am really saying is that you don’t need to do anything, because if you see yourself in the correct way, you are all as much extraordinary phenomenon of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a […]
The Happiest Man on Earth - The Happiest Man on Earth is a Buddhist Monk. According scientists, he is the world’s happiest man. His level of mind control is astonishing and the upbeat impulses in his brain are off the scale. Tibetan monk and molecular geneticist Matthieu Ricard is the happiest man in the world according to researchers at the University […]
The Icy Couch The Icy Couch - AS WE SIT, THE ENDLESS SPINNING in our heads reveals to us our strategy. If we label our thoughts long enough we’re going to recognize our strategy. It’s the strategy itself that generates the buzzing thoughts. Only one thing in our life is not caught by this strategy, and that’s the physical, organic life of […]
Bulleh Shah The Life Of Bulleh Shâh - BULLEH SHÂH IS GENERALLY REGARDED to be one of the greatest Sufi poet/saints from the Punjab area of India. Born in 1680, in Pandoke Village, a few miles from Lahore, his original name was Abdullah Shâh. The child was born with an innate mystical temperament and a poetic soul. As a young boy in school, […]
The Neuroscience of Suffering–And Its End - “Do not pursue the past. Do not usher in the future. Rest evenly with present awareness” —Tibetan meditation instruction. It was 1972, and Gary Weber, a 29-year old materials science PhD student at Penn State University, had a problem with his brain. It kept generating thoughts! – continuously, oppressively – a stream of neurotic concerns about […]
The Question of Effort - In Light of the Teachings of Ramana Maharshi Is the Self, is it ever attained?” . . . “Can you ‘realize’ the Self?” . . . “All are Self-Realized” . . . “Be as you are” . . . “Be Still and Know that you are God.” These statements were made on different occasions by […]
There Is No River - There Is No River I said to the wanting-creature inside me: What is this river you want to cross? There are no travelers on the river-road, and no road. Do you see anyone moving about on that bank, or nesting? There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman. There is no […]
Ramana Maharshi Photo Color There Is Nothing, Be - The Philosophy of Sri Bhagavan, the greatest of sages, can be summed up in just three words “There is nothing.” So simple and yet so supremely difficult. “There is nothing.. All this world that you see, this mad rush of people after money and “existence” is just a fabricless thought. “There is nothing.” You, as […]
Adyashanti - Video Slate This is It! - Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of […]

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