Art of Dying, The – Tibetan Voices from Mustang

This is the story of an ancient culture tucked away among the largest mountains in the world. It is a rugged land, one whose joyful people strive to sustain themselves against great odds. While The Art of Dying explores the treatment of death as practiced in this ancient Buddhist culture, this film is more a celebration of life!

The Danish filmmakers underwent great difficulties to capture present-day Mustang, which was once part of the hidden Tibetan kingdom. Their creative photography is often startling in detail as it delicately captures the majesty of the landscape to make this absorbing visual record.

The people of Mustang are shown in the modern time warp they now find themselves living in. The slow-moving scenes let one soak up the extraordinary images, while the dialogue reflects the voice of the local people: simple villagers, the king of Mustang, and Buddhist monks. Anyone interested in Tibet, its people, and its culture, will find this to be a deeply moving film.

Director: Jon Caspar Jensen
Time: 60 Min.
Item #: 978-1-878019-27-1
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“This film could have been called ‘The Art of Living’—it is a wonderful view into the life of the people of Mustang . . . an absorbing film.”
Snow Lion Publications

“Fascinating and gripping. A deep insight into the life and thoughts of the Tibetan people and an intimate experience of what Buddhism stands for.”
Kristeligt Dagblad

“A description of death and dying of a rare intensity.”


“A masterpiece. Suggestive visual poetry saturates the story. The distance between the earthy and the transcendentally cosmic is remarkably small.”
Berlingske Tidende

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