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INNER DIRECTIONS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the heart of authentic spirituality through a unique selection of articles, stories, poems, sacred texts, plus digital audio and video—all of which point to the direct immediacy of our true nature.

Sun SpiralThe online library of quality content that you see here has been lovingly curated to offer unique expressions of that which is eternal and infinite within us: the nondualistic ground from which religions and spiritual traditions arise. We hope that these fundamental insights and wisdom-teachings will serve to inspire and point the way toward the realization of abiding peace and happiness.

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Latest Articles

The Life of Bulleh Shâh

Bulleh Shâh is generally regarded to be one of the greatest Sufi poet/saints from the Punjab area of India. Born in 1680 in Pandoke Village, a few miles from Lahore, his original name was Abdullah Shâh. The child was born with an innate mystical temperament and a poetic soul. As a young boy in school, the teacher taught Bulleh Shâh the letter Alif, the first…

Recalling Ramana Maharshi

An interview with Lucia Osborne Lucia Osborne came to India in 1942 and settled at Sri Ramanasramam soon after. Sher preceded her husband, Arthur Osborne, who was to follow but was placed in an internment camp for for several years before the end of World War II.  They built a cottage at the foot of the sacred mountain, Arunachala, where they spent the latter part…

Peace, Union, and Ecstasy of the Moment

Peace, Union “As God sent me to you so will I send you to others. And I will go to them with you, so we can teach them peace and union.” — ACIM T, 134 Peace There is — deep within each of us — a very special, pure, shining, radiant, luminescent core. That core, which traditional Christian theology calls the soul, also referred to…

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