Dream and Waking Experience

by Sadhu Arunachala

“We are such stuff As dreams are made on And our little life Is rounded by a sleep.” Shakespeare really did know what he was talking about and it was not just poetic effervescence. Maharshi used to say exactly the same. Though I questioned Bhagavan more often on this subject than any other, some doubts […]

The Awakened Heart

by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.

Working with the Emotions after AwakeningTHE BUDDHA TAUGHT THAT WE MUST become aware and accepting of the entire range of feelings—of pleasant, neutral, and unpleasant feelings as each arises. He went on, “By becoming aware of the entire range of the emotions” and “experiencing the feelings in the feelings,” we can find peace in their […]


by Catherine Ingram

“In solitude we are the least alone.” —Lord Byron IT IS SAID THAT SOME OF HIS STUDENTS once asked Rumi to reconcile his incessant speaking on the subject of silence. Rumi replied, “That which is truest of me has never uttered a word.” There is a depth in each of us that has never uttered […]

The Source Prior To All Perception

by Michael J. Holshouser

EVERYTHING THAT APPEARS REAL, Everything that you have been told, Everything that you have come to believe, Is all the fabrication of your mind.   There is no path. There is no dogma. There is only the absolute, And a universe of appearances Disguising the way home.   There has ever been now, Will ever […]

Finding the Truth Within the Dream

by Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D.

IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE LYING on your couch one lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxed and unworried. Your life isn’t perfect, but everything seems to be going fine lately. There are no oppressive thoughts in your mind demanding your attention. You surrender fully to the moment and find yourself closing your eyes, even though you aren’t tired. […]