Who Am I?

by Yolande Duran-Serrano

WHO AM I? The greatest of rewards is “ipseity” and it overflows with wonderment.—Ibn Arabi Yesterday evening, you said live fully, simply, but I don’t get the impression you mean the same thing by these words that we do, we . . . Simply, before identifying with this ‘I am’, before identifying with being an […]

All Search for Happiness Is Misery

by Nisargadatta Maharaj

Q: When do I know that I have discovered truth? M: When the idea “this is true”, “that is true” does not arise. Truth does not assert itself, it is in the seeing of the false as false and rejecting it. It is useless to search for truth, when the mind is blind to the […]

You Are Only in the Now

by Jean Klein

It is useless to pursue truth and enlightenment. You can only see what is not truth, what is not clarity. You cannot see truth with the mind because you are truth. AS A YOUNG MAN, JEAN KLEIN studied music and medicine in Vienna and Berlin. During this time, he became familiar with the philosophies of […]

The Poetry of Ramana Maharshi

by Allan W. Anderson, Ph.D.

How does the poetry of a Ramana Maharshi compare with traditional written prose or oral teachings? What makes this poetical format especially effective? Like the poetry of other sages, the verses of Ramana Maharshi’s differ from traditional written prose or oral teachings, by reason of its content. The words of a sage disclose to the […]

When we look into a mirror, we see a reflection — an image, shapes and colors, a visual sensation―and we say, “That’s me.” But what we don’t see is the seeing. We don’t see awareness. We mistake an image or a sensation for what we are, and we overlook the boundless awareness or the presence […]