by Bertram W. Salzman

WHILE LIVING IN FRANCE, I read various spiritual works. Among them was a book by Ludwig Wittgenstien, the great philosophical linguist. Wittgenstien argued that words can be dangerous since they have the ability to create a false reality. Words are, in fact, only symbols that represent actual things and events. Yet, think of the solid […]

The Life Of Bulleh Shâh

by Matthew Greenblatt

BULLEH SHÂH IS GENERALLY REGARDED to be one of the greatest Sufi poet/saints from the Punjab area of India. Born in 1680, in Pandoke Village, a few miles from Lahore, his original name was Abdullah Shâh. The child was born with an innate mystical temperament and a poetic soul. As a young boy in school, […]

Wolter A. Keers was a Dutch teacher and writer who lectured extensively, throughout Europe during the 1970s and 1980s, on Yoga and Advaita. I brought a large amount of spiritual samskaras into this life. I was born into a family of clergymen. All interest in our household was focused on matters of religion. I must […]

William Samuel was a legend who lived life with all the gusto of an adventurer in an epic film. During the Second World War, he commanded OSS troops in China and led an army infantry company in some of the Korean war’s fiercest battles. He loved birds, plants, trees, arrowheads and every aspect of wildlife. […]

The Fakir Sai Baba

by Joan Greenblatt

During a classic Asian monsoon season in 1979, while blackish-purple clouds unleashed sheets of rain for weeks at a time, a small, yet powerful book found its way into the damp cottage where we were living in Tiruvannamalai, South India. I’ll never forget the first sentence of the book: “Look, here comes the crazy fakir […]