Come Home to Yourself

by Anthony de Mello, SJ

COME HOME TO YOURSELF. Observe yourself. That’s why [I said earlier] that self-observation is such a delightful and extraordinary thing. After a while you don’t have to make any effort, because, as illusions begin to crumble, you begin to know things that cannot be described. It’s called happiness. Everything changes and you become addicted to […]

Techniques of Meditation

by Mouni Sadhu

ONE OF THE INITIATIONS through which we pass while in the presence of the Maharshi, is true meditation which years of study of occult literature had assured me was the key to the awakening of supraphysical consciousness. During my allegiance to Theosophy I practiced different forms of meditation in accordance with their literature. From what […]

What Is This “I”?

by Howard Cohen

“Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought like the relentless fury of the pounding waves in the infinite ocean of samsara.” —Nyoshel Kempo Rinpoche This Person Called “I” When we meditate, doing the relatively simple task of noticing the sensations that arise from breathing, uninvited, an incredible […]

Spiritual Maturity

by Jac O'Keeffe

Until the last century, the theoretical framework of Advaita Vedanta was preserved and presented mainly within the esoteric spiritual teachings of India. Traditionally, these non-dual teachings were not imparted freely. An apprenticeship of twelve years’ service to a spiritual teacher or guru was customary, after which the guru determined if the student was ripe to […]

The Art of Enjoying Life

by Anam Thubten

The higher spiritual teachings are often more vertical than linear. They invite us to be enlightened right now rather than pointing to a goal in the distant future. The Eastern tradition of sitting meditation goes back thousands of years. The purpose of it is to stop our linear mind, which is constantly going in all […]