INNER DIRECTIONS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the heart of authentic spirituality through a unique selection of articles, stories, poems, sacred texts, plus digital audio and video—all of which point to the direct immediacy of our true nature.

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The Inner Directions online library of quality articles, stories, poems, sacred texts, audio talks, and digital video, has been carefully selected to offer clear pointers and inspiring reading that points directly to the immediacy of our true nature, here and now.

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Douglas Harding Photo A Great Game of Pretending - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The thought “I have not seen,” the expectation of seeing and the desire to get something are all workings of the ego . . . Be yourself and nothing more. The idea of difficulty is the chief obstacle. If we want to know the truth, if we’re interested to find […]
Come Home to Yourself Come Home to Yourself - COME HOME TO YOURSELF. Observe yourself. That’s why [I said earlier] that self-observation is such a delightful and extraordinary thing. After a while you don’t have to make any effort, because, as illusions begin to crumble, you begin to know things that cannot be described. It’s called happiness. Everything changes and you become addicted to […]
Mouni Sadhu Photo Techniques of Meditation - ONE OF THE INITIATIONS through which we pass while in the presence of the Maharshi, is true meditation which years of study of occult literature had assured me was the key to the awakening of supraphysical consciousness. During my allegiance to Theosophy I practiced different forms of meditation in accordance with their literature. From what […]
Alan Watts Video Slate The Real You - ALAN WATTS WAS BORN in London in January of 1915, around the start of the First World War From a young age, he became fascinated with the arts of the Far East and the works of Lafcadio Hern, Christmas Humphreys, and D.T. Suzuki. By the age of fourteen, his writing on Eastern themes was published […]
You Are Only In The Now You Are Only in the Now - It is useless to pursue truth and enlightenment. You can only see what is not truth, what is not clarity. You cannot see truth with the mind because you are truth. AS A YOUNG MAN, JEAN KLEIN studied music and medicine in Vienna and Berlin. During this time, he became familiar with the philosophies of […]